Recommended Attic Vent Screens for Raccoon Control

The vents that lead in and out of your attic are prime spots for raccoons and other nuisance wildlife to use as easy access points to the inside of your home. If you already know raccoons are a nuisance critter problem in the area, you should consider implementing certain raccoon control strategies to protect your home from animal intrusions. One recommended method of attic raccoon control is attic vent screening. This can be a critical part of home security and protection.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 attic vent screening products on the market, some tips on installing them, and most importantly, what to do if the screening strategy isn’t enough to get rid of raccoons in the attic.

Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic in Indianapolis 317-847-6409
Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic in Indianapolis 317-847-6409

Important Attic Vent Screening Tips

Vent screens should be properly installed and intact at all times. It is best to check on your vent screens as often as possible, and even more-so during seasons of high animal activity. One of the biggest mistakes is improper installation. When your attic’s vent screens are not placed properly, they will fail to do their job.

Always try to install vent screens on the outside of the vent. If you choose to install them on the inside, small nuisance animals, like bats and birds, can still use the purgatory space between the screen and the vent as a place to nest.  Although screening on the exterior of a home is not ideal for homeowners that take pride in the aesthetics of their home, there are other screening options that are more stylish.

If you do not live near wooded or forested areas, you could probably get away with installing your vent screens on the inside, but it is best to discuss this with a licensed wildlife control technician for professional advice regarding your property’s unique attributes.

Recommended Attic Vent Screens on the Market

❶ VentGuard Wildlife Exclusion Screen – 11” x 11” Galvanized Black $40
❷ Kwick Mesh Utility Screen Roll – 12” x 20ft. $40
❸ VentGuard HY-C Soffit Screens – 4” x 16” Various Colors $40

You can purchase these products online through an internet retailer or at your local home improvement store. The best source for attic sealing and security for the purpose of critter control is a licensed wildlife removal company in Indianapolis. They have the highest quality resources, materials, and strategies to get rid of raccoons quickly, without harming your home or the surrounding environment.

Were the attic vent screens ineffective against the nuisance raccoons in your neighborhood? Contact Modern Wildlife Control at 317-847-6409 for effective and affordable animal trapping and removal services for raccoons. We serve residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana.

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