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Raccoon Removal and Control

Hoosiers all across Indianapolis and Central Indiana can turn to the DNR licensed and insured experts at Modern Wildlife Control for professional raccoon removal and control they can trust. We offer a wide range of raccoon extraction and exclusion services for both residential and commercial properties, including prompt and professional animal trapping and removal, animal control and prevention, animal damage restoration and repair, same day service, integrated pest management solutions, abandoned animal rescue, dead animal removal, post service checkups, free estimates and advice, and even homeowners’ insurance claim work.

We use a focused and concentrated approach to our raccoon removal process, which involves inspection, removal, restoration and repair, and control. We start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection to accurately diagnose the species in question, locate their habitat, and identify their entry points. Next, we extract raccoons using humane, species-specific live traps and exclusion strategies. Once all raccoons are removed from their inhabited space, we then facilitate all necessary repairs and restoration needs for any structural damages they caused. After your space is back to its original condition, we finish by applying scientifically-proven methods and techniques of raccoon control to prevent them from becoming a problem in the future, including exterior structural sealing, environmental monitoring and modifications, and much more.

Your Solution to Nuisance Raccoon Threats

Raccoons are one of the most destructive species of nuisance wildlife here in Indiana. Not only are raccoons very intelligent and can solve puzzles quickly, they have human-like paws that allow them to grasp, pry, pull, and twist. They are also excellent climbers and have a broad memory span. All of these qualities combined give raccoons an advantage when looking for food and shelter, making them a frequent threat in both urban and metropolitan locales throughout Indianapolis. For this reason, any neighborhood or town that experiences localized raccoon activity should be prepared to implement the proper precautions to protect their properties from nuisance wildlife interference.

A common area targeted by raccoons are attics. Animals in the attic get there by climbing downspouts, gutters, tree limbs, and other structures that give them access to the higher points of a house or building. They enter through loose roofing or siding, crumbled mortar, ripped window screens, soffits, chimneys, and attic vents. Once inside, their habitation produces a highly unsanitary environment and large amounts of structural damage. Furthermore, raccoons are known carriers of several infectious diseases that can be transmitted to both people and pets. Even their leftover messes can pose a variety of health and safety risks. All of these consequences can cost property owners a lot of time and money to reverse.

Why Choose Us

Here at Modern Wildlife Control, we are DNR licensed and insured specialists with more than 30 years of experience in the animal removal and abatement industry. Our teams are fully equipped with the latest technologies and state of the art resources to effectively manage any types of wildlife, regardless of size, scale, or scope. Not only do we use trusted, safe and humane methods of wildlife extraction and exclusion, we operate in adherence with all local and federal laws that govern nuisance wildlife. Contact us at 317-847-6409 to learn more about the nuisance wildlife management solutions we have to offer. Speak with a friendly company manager to request a free quote or schedule an on-site inspection. We offer free estimates and advice, and serve all counties in Indianapolis and its surrounding regions.

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