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Animal Mole Removal and Control

Modern Wildlife Control has the safe and humane solutions you can trust for nuisance mole animal problems in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Our DNR licensed and insured animal trapping and removal operators serve both residential and commercial properties with 100% humane animal mole extraction and exclusion services at the most competitive prices in town. Our services include animal extraction, exclusion, prevention, animal damage restoration and repair, decontamination clean up, dead animal removal, preventative maintenance, biological applications, integrated pest control, and post-service checkups, free advice, free estimates, much more. No matter how large or small your nuisance animal needs are, our company is fully-equipped with the proper resources and skills to get the job done right, on time, and at a price you can afford.

Humane Solutions for Nuisance Moles

Is your lawn starting to look like a landmine zone due to nuisance animal tunneling? If so, you are likely seeing mounds of dirt called molehills, which means you have a mole problem on your hands. Moles are fossorial, subterranean mammals, which means they dig a lot and mostly live underground in a network of entrenched tunnels. In fact, they have polydactyl forepaws, which allows them to dig intricate tunnel systems, and thus, causes massive amounts of above-ground lawn damage. You see, moles are insectivores, and some of their favorites include invertebrates like earthworms, grubs, ants, and millipedes, all of which can be found underneath your lawn. In as little as one night, a group of moles can tear up an entire lawn looking for something to eat. Accordingly, molehills are usually the very first sign of a mole infestation.

As for homeowners, especially those who live close to a body of water, moles can be quite the pest when it comes to lawns and gardens. In as little as one night, a group of moles can tear up an entire lawn looking for something to eat. Not only can mole’s tunneling behaviors destroy the look of your lawn, it will also kill grass, crops, and plants. And the nuisance activity will only persist until someone intervenes. So if you are experiencing animal mole damage on your property, it is imperative that you contact a professional wildlife abatement company as soon as possible, before your animal mole problem worsens.

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There are many reasons to choose us as your go-to wildlife abatement team. Our DNR licensed and insured wildlife control operators have more than 30 years of experience and come referred by the Humane Society of Indianapolis, which means you can trust us for honest and fair prices, and unparalleled customer support. Furthermore, we have what it takes to effectively manage any types of wildlife, regardless of size, scale, or scope. Not only do we use trusted, safe and humane methods of wildlife extraction and exclusion, we operate in adherence with all local and federal laws that govern nuisance wildlife. Contact us directly at 317-847-6409 and request a free quote or professional advice regarding your nuisance mole animal issues, anytime.

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