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*Sorry, we do not work with waterfowl, geese, or ducks.
Here at Modern Wildlife Control, Hoosiers know they can trust us for prompt and professional solutions to nuisance bird problems, regardless of size or scope. Whether you have birds in the chimney, or a combination colony causing problems to the outside of your property, our DNR licensed and insured specialists have the latest technologies and state-of-the-art resources to safely and humanely manage nuisance infestations and interference, all at a price you can afford.

We offer 100% humane bird removal and control services for residential and commercial properties throughout Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. From prompt and professional animal trapping and removal, to dead animal removal, extraction of animals in the attic, preventative maintenance, environmental monitoring and modifications, integrated pest management, and much more, we are your one-stop-shop to safe and effective nuisance bird removal and control. Not only can we offer homeowners’ insurance claim work for bird damage restoration and repair, we are also certified bird barrier installers.

Humane Solutions to Bird Infestations

According to the Indiana Audubon Society, there are over 413 species of bird in our state. With a number this high, it is no surprise that many property owners deal with nuisance bird problems year after year. Common nuisance birds in Indiana include woodpeckers and pigeons, but various other species can be problematic too, such as starlings, crows, grackles, and more. Birds have the great advantage of flight, so it is very east for them to escape human interventions. These qualities make nuisance bird problems quite troublesome since they are also highly destructive to interior and exterior structures.

Birds like woodpeckers are loud, but more importantly, damaging to wood structures like siding and roofing. Pigeons are regarded as a dirty or diseased pest, especially since they are notorious for creating heaping piles of unsightly pigeon droppings. Smaller birds, like finches and starlings, like to take shelter in attics, walls, chimneys, and garages, where they leave behind the same types of damage and destruction. Furthermore, bird infestations can lead to bird lice outbreaks, which can be transmitted to people and pets alike. If birds are too close for your comfort, it may be time for professional bird removal and control intervention

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We are DNR licensed and insured specialists with more than 30 years of experience, and come fully equipped with the proper tools, training, and knowledge to effectively manage all types of wildlife, except waterfowl, geese, and ducks*. Not only do we use humane methods of animal removal, we operate in adherence with all local and federal laws that govern nuisance wildlife. Contact us at 317-847-6409 to learn more about the nuisance wildlife management solutions we have to offer. Speak with a friendly company manager to request a free quote or schedule an on-site inspection. We offer free estimates and advice, and serve all counties in Indianapolis and its surrounding regions.

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