Affordable Solutions to Spring Nuisance Wildlife Problems

If you own residential or commercial property in Indiana, you are protected with 24 hour emergency wildlife removal and control! Our DNR licensed wildlife control operators can help you get rid of nuisance animal problems this spring, right when homes need it most! Do not fall victim to costly and invasive structural damages caused by animals this time of year, and instead, contact us for a full=-property inspection and abatement program!

Best of all, our services are offered at the most affordable prices in Central Indiana. We even work with some homeowner’s insurance companies, so give us a call to see if we are compatible with your policy for animal damage repair.

Continue below to learn what you need to know about us, and how to get started with a free quote!

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Indianapolis Animal Removal Service

24 Hour Wild Animal Removal and Control

Our DNR licensed wildlife control operators are a licensed, bonded, and insured team of professionals who provide a wide range of wildlife extraction and exclusion services in Central Indiana and its surrounding areas. In fact, we serve more than 30 towns and districts within Central Indiana in order to keep up with the understandable demand for humane wildlife control and prevention.

In addition to 24 hour animal removal and control service, we offer safe and humane wildlife removal, wild animal proofing, wildlife cleanup and restoration, full property inspections, deal animal removal, integrated pest management, abandoned animal rescue, post service checkups, free estimates, and much more!

Why Choose Us?

As licensed specialists, we work with a large number of species native to the state, including bats, raccoons, skunks, birds, squirrels, opossum, snakes, woodchucks, beavers, pigeons, rabbits, and more. When we implement their work, we adhere to the industry accepted criteria and best practices, as well as, operate within all local, state, and federal wildlife laws. Our expertise stems from having more than 25 years of hands-on experience and our commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the industry. Would you like to see for yourself?

Get in Touch Today!

Stop by our Contact Us page to send our trappers an email with any inquiries or questions you have about our company and/or your nuisance animal problems. Better yet, you can contact our office directly at 317-847-6409 during regular business hours for free estimates or information about our services, prices, and more.

Indiana Wildlife Removal and Control Company
Indiana Wildlife Removal and Control 317-847-6409