Best Strategies to Get Rid of Opossums Around Your Property

Opossums are an interesting species of nuisance while here in the central Indiana regions. As omnivores, opossums eat everything that we eat and plus some. From insects and grubs to fruits, vegetables, plants, roots, pet food, garbage, and even rodents, your property likely has many desirable amenities favored by these nocturnal mammals.

If you are spotting opossums around your property at night, it is important that you take action soon. The quicker you put a stop to nuisance opossum activity, the easier it’ll be to clean up any mess they cause and repair any damage they do. And yes, opossums are very messy and destructive. There are sites like mites, fleas, and ticks.

Continue reading to learn the best strategies to get rid of opossums around your property.

Opossum Trappers Indianapolis Indiana 317-847-6409
Opossum Trappers Indianapolis Indiana 317-847-6409

Opossum Control Strategies for Homeowners and Businesses

Whether you’re a homeowner or business, these opossum control strategies will be effective at debating any nuisance tampering or activity around your property. These strategies are safe and humane and can be accomplished all on your own. If these opossum abatement methods turn out to be unsuccessful for you, contact a licensed and insured Indianapolis wildlife removal company for professional opossum control services.

Protect Your Gardens

Opossums love anything you grow in your garden. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as menthol and hot peppers, opossums will go after anything edible and accessible to them. Gardens are the perfect target. If you’ve noticed that your gardens have been pillaged every night, it is likely opossums. If you’ve seen them with your very own eyes, crossing your patio or walking along your backyard fence, it is definitely opossums. The best way to protect your gardens is to stay on top of routine harvesting. As soon as fruits and vegetables are just about right, harvest them so that there is nothing ripe and ready to eat for opossums and others nuisance. Many people tried to install chicken wire fencing around the gardens, but opossums can climb over these and dig underneath them.

Remove All Other Food Sources

What else do you have in your property that’s edible? Bowls of pet food or water? Birdseed? Squirrel feed? Livestock feed? Uncapped garbage cans? Compost piles? There are many things that opossums will eat. They will even eat dead and decaying animals. If you remove all of these edible amenities on your property, opossums will have no reason to come there. They’ll eventually move on to another area where food is more readily available.

Environmental Modifications

Possums are great climbers, and they will use trees and tree limbs to access other areas of your property. By staying on top of routine tree care service, like tree trimming and tree pruning, you can stop opossums from accessing your roof and upper deck areas by means of tree walking. This will also protect your roofing, gutters, downspouts, siding, decking, and more.

Chimney Caps and Vent Covers

As mentioned, opossums are great climbers, so they commonly accessed roofs, which leads to intrusions in attics and chimneys. It is also common to find opossums nesting in wall voids and crawlspaces. To avoid this possibility, install a quality animal proof chimney cap, plus a series of vent covers for the dryer vent, attic vent, roof vent, and more.

Professional opossum removal and control services are the best solution for possum problems. If you’re still having trouble with nuisance opossums, contact Modern Wildlife Control at 317-847-6409 for safe and effective animal trapping and removal services for opossums. We serve residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis and all throughout Central Indiana.

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