Are Opossums a Critter Control Problem in the Fall and Winter?

Winter is a mere four weeks away, so you may be relieved to know that many of the pests and local animal populations are taking shelter for the season, thus giving your property a break from animal intrusion and tampering. But what about opossums? Are they active during the fall and winter? Do you need to animal proof your property against nuisance opossums?

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about opossum control in the fall and winter, including who to call for emergency critter removal services for opossums in Indianapolis.

Opossum Control Indianapolis IN 317-847-6409
Opossum Control Indianapolis IN 317-847-6409

Basic Facts About Opossums

Opossums are marsupial critters that prefer the dusk and evening hours rather than the brighter light of day. For this reason, you will usually spot them out just after the sun sets, or in the midst of the night when all others are asleep. Aside from being crepuscular in nature, opossums are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and meat. They are also nomadic, preferring to wander from habitat to habitat in search of better and more reliable food sources. If you see opossums on your property, they are likely searching for new shelter and an abundant source of food.

Opossums are Active All Year Long

Opossums do not hibernate, so you can expect them to still be active in the Fall and winter season. Although they are less active than warmer seasons of the year, they can still post nuisance animal threats to your property just the same. Opossums can do a lot of damage to lawns, gardens, and structures, plus pose infectious parasites like lice and mites. Although they are not predominant carriers of the Rabies virus, all other diseases and threats posed by opossums are reason enough to keep them away all year long.

How to Get Rid of Opossums

Opossums are opportunistic scavengers and will go to great lengths to access any food source on your property. This includes garbage, pet food, compost, and literally anything else edible. As for shelter, they tend to gravitate toward warn and secluded places, like underneath porches, in hollowed trees, amidst large bushes, or in garages and sheds.

To get rid of nuisance opossum, you must first eliminate all points of interest that attract them to your property. Secure your garbage lids, remove or secure pet and livestock feed, and seal up all accessible areas to places they might want to nest.

Also, opossums are incredible climbers, so trimming back large tree branches hanging over your roof and fence line is another effective approach to opossum abatement. This may seem like a big project, in which case you would want to hire a professional Indianapolis critter control company for opossum removal services.

Do you have a nuisance opossum problem on your property? Contact Modern Wildlife Control at 317-847-6409 for safe and effective animal trapping and removal services for opossums in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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