How to Tell if You Have Nuisance Animal Problems

What is a nuisance animal? If you don’t know how to describe one, you certainly won’t know how to watch out for them. Fortunately, you are in the perfect place to learn everything you need to know about nuisance animal removal and control. Continue reading to get started!

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Indianapolis Wildlife Removal and Control 317-847-6409

Nuisance Wildlife in Indiana

A nuisance animal is just that; a wild animal that is a pest or annoyance to you, your loved ones (including pets), and/or your property. The most common nuisance species in Indiana are bats, raccoons, opossum, moles, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, beavers, groundhogs (woodchucks), voles, foxes, rabbits, snakes, and even coyotes.

So how do you know if you have a nuisance animal threat around your house? The first full-proof evidence is where you live. Those who live near wooded lots, forests, or bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and even creeks, are more prone to nuisance animal interference than homes in the middle of flat, dry land, or in the city. If you live in an area that provides this access to water, food, and shelter, you can safely assume that there are wild animals surrounding your home. Now all you have to do is pinpoint the signs of their activity in order to stop them from becoming a costly problem or safety threat.

Signs of Nuisance Animal Activity

No matter what time of year it is, wild animals are in action all around us. Even in winter, animals can prove to be a major pest, especially if they choose your attic or other area of your home as their nest. In the case of an infestation, you will also be faced with invasive and costly structural repairs and bio-hazard cleanup. The signs of nuisance animal activity can vary from season to season, but most often, you can determine whether or not your property is being visited by wildlife by looking for these common signs:

Animal Sightings – If you actually see wild animals around your property, whether on a regular basis or just a lone raccoon spotting, you can assume that your house is a nuisance animal target. Animals like raccoons and bats are often spotted at night, while you might see squirrels and rabbits during the day.

Paw Prints and Tracks – You can see animal tracks very well in the winter during times of snow. Otherwise, focus your attention on wet paw prints on pavement, or impressions in mud or dirt. This is a sure sign that animals are lurking around. Just be sure it’s not a neighbor’s pet!

Scat and Droppings – If you see animal poo around your house, you can assume you have nuisance animals nearby. Look up different types of animal scat to identify the precise species at play. Many types of scat can look similar, such as mouse and bat droppings.

Structural Damage – If you see torn siding, ripped screens, mole mounds, pillaged gardens, gnaw marks, and similar types of damage, you might have a wild animal close by. Such animals capable of this type of damage include raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and skunks.

Foul Odors – Lingering foul odors around certain areas of your property is a prime indication of wild animal presence. Coyotes could be marking your lawn if you have a dog, or it could be a long-term infestation containing mass urine and dropping accumulations.

If you are not sure whether or not your property is prone to nuisance animal interference, contact a licensed Indiana wildlife control company for inspections, free advice, and animal control service.

How to Manage Nuisance Wildlife

In order to protect your property from nuisance wildlife tampering and safety threats, you must remove all attractions that they want. This is basically anything they can use as food, water, or shelter. Remove garbage cans, pet food, bird baths, koi ponds, squirrel feeders, and additional objects to thwart wildlife from trespassing. Next, you will need to have your home inspected, and if needed, sealed up, to prevent animal intrusions.

Who to Trust for Indianapolis Animal Removal and Control

Call Modern Wildlife Control at 317-847-6409 to solve your nuisance animal problems and concerns at a price you can afford. Our DNR licensed and insured animal rescue and removal professionals offer non-lethal wildlife control services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties. We work with all species of Indiana wildlife, but specialize in raccoons, bats, birds, and squirrels. We also offer cleanup services and restoration and repair for animal damages, and can even provide insurance claim work. Start with a free estimate or advice, today!

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