How to Get Rid of Muskrats

If you live near a slow-moving or standing body of water, such as a pond or creek, it is very likely that you have spotted a muskrat or two before. These rodents, although cute as a button and closely resembles your kid’s pet guinea pig, they are highly destructive to lawns this time of year.

Continue reading to learn some common signs of a muskrat problem, and what you can do to safely stop them from damage your property from now on.

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Top Signs That Suggest Muskrats are Nearby

The most common sign that muskrats are invading your premises are dirt mounds. If you see large clumps of dirt in your lawn, particularly close to the water’s edge or bank, it is likely that a muskrat has dug that up. These semi-aquatic creatures are known for building their dens near the banks of slow-moving or standing bodies of water. In the process, they dig up large mounds of lawn while burrowing into these banks. As a result, your lawn looks like it has tiny land mines buried all over the place.

Garden Protection

In some cases, muskrats can also pose problems for gardens. They will wander a bit further away from the safe haven of their water source if there are lush gardens to rummage through. Muskrats are omnivores just like us, which means they eat a variety of foods, from meats and grains, to fruits, vegetables, legumes, and more. So, whatever you have growing in the garden for you will also be a tasty treat for an invasive muskrat.

Tips for Mitigating Muskrat Activity

If you have done some research on the topic already, you have probably come across muskrat traps for sale. Although these devices and products are sold, the wildlife intervention industry highly advises AGAINST using them. Nuisance wild animals like muskrats should never be touched, trapped, tampered, harmed, or killed under any circumstances unless the proper permits are in order and all state and federal laws governing wildlife control are obeyed. This means that only a professional wildlife removal and control company should mange nuisance muskrat problems for homeowners.

If you notice signs of muskrat damage, your first and only step is to contact a licensed and insured wildlife removal and control company for safe and humane extraction and exclusion. They will safely extract any muskrats, and then implement the necessary steps to prevent further wildlife intrusion on your property.

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