How to Get Rid of Chipmunks Around the Yard

Chipmunks are furry, swift little mammals that closely resemble a small or baby squirrel. During this time of year, they can become a nuisance wildlife problem for home and property owners. Although adorable-looking and fun to watch, their behavior behind our backs can be quite naughty. They are most known for raiding vegetable gardens and flower beds, but chipmunks can be much naughtier than that!

Continue reading to learn more about chipmunk nuisance behavior and how to stop it in its tracks.

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Why Get Rid of Chipmunks?

Chipmunks are omnivores. They raid garden beds to dine on insects, plant bulbs, and nuts. This is frustrating for gardeners who put so much time, money, and effort into creating their front and backyard masterpieces! Gardening is not cheap, flowers and plants are not cheap, and the work it requires to maintain them is tough. So, homeowners want to protect them from nuisance wildlife like chipmunks.

Most Effective Methods of Nuisance Chipmunk Control:

Chipmunk Traps 🐿

Although chipmunk traps can be non-lethal and effective, it is not recommended as a DIY approach for chipmunk control. Only trained and licensed wildlife control contractors should handle any wild animal. Never attempt to set a chipmunk trap, handle chipmunks, or harm or kill chipmunks and other wildlife.

Chipmunk Repellent 🐿

There are several types of chipmunk repellent available online and at local gardening stores. They can come in powder form, pellet form, aerosol form, and more. There are even homemade natural recipes for chipmunk repellent using soap, hot peppers, and garlic. Although relatively inexpensive, they are not very effective, nor permanent (requiring routine applications), and should be used as a temporary means of nuisance wildlife protection.

Structural Obstructions 🐿

You can choose to install certain structural obstructions, like rock walls and garden fencing, to thwart chipmunk presence. This can be a relatively inexpensive addition, or a large costly landscape change. It all depends on personal preference and the options you choose. A rock wall is more expensive than installing simple garden fence, and both range in quality and price.

Professional Chipmunk Abatement 🐿

The most effective method to getting rid of a chipmunk problem is to hire a chipmunk removal and control company. Just be sure to choose a licensed and qualified company with an excellent reputation. They are the professionals who will retain the proper licensing, training, equipment, and experience to get rid of chipmunks using safe and non-lethal methods. They use exclusion methods or trapping methods, or a combination of both, along with several other industry practices, to remove chipmunks and prevent their return.

Are you dealing with nuisance chipmunks around your property? Contact Modern Wildlife Control at 317-847-6409 for prompt and professional critter removal for chipmunks in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide infestation cleanup and minor attic repairs too!

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