How to Bait and Trap Rabbits

Spring has sprung, which means so have the nuisance wildlife. Rabbits are a prime nuisance critter this time of year, when the weather turns nice, and the vegetation becomes exponentially abundant. If you are dealing with a wild rabbit problem on your property, now would be the best time to take action. Animal-proofing and trapping can be an effective way to get rid of nuisance rabbits without harming them or breaking any local ordinances. Yes, there are laws and regulations surrounding wildlife trapping and abatement strategies.

So, to prepare yourself for what to expect on your nuisance rabbit control journey, continue reading to learn some best practices on how to bail and trap rabbits in Indiana.

Rabbit Removal Indianapolis IN 317-847-6409
Rabbit Removal Indianapolis IN 317-847-6409

Rabbit Removal and Control Tips

You have rabbits on your property for one reason and one reason only: your premises has what they are looking for. Rabbits are in search of food, water, and shelter. Attractions like gardens, tall grass, flowerbeds, and any type of accessible nook and cranny are the things rabbits are after. So, is important to understand that a major part of nuisance rabbit abatement is animal-proofing your property.

Once you trap and remove the rabbits from your property, it is important that you implement the proper animal-proofing strategies to prevent them from coming back again in the future. Part of animal proofing for rabbits includes environmental modifications like installing fencing and barbed wire around your gardens and flowerbeds, as well as sealing up any openings and gaps in porches, decks, log piles, hollow trees, and more.

Rabbit Trapping

Before getting started on some tips for baiting and trapping rabbits, it is important to take note that rabbit removal work is best left to licensed and experienced professionals. It is strongly encouraged to enlist the services of a local Indianapolis wildlife removal and control company for nuisance rabbit abatement services. They have the proper permits, licensing, training, and resources to safely remove rabbits and transport them to a more suitable habitat. If you insist on moving forward with do-it-yourself rabbit trapping, below are some tips that will help get you started on the right path.

Rabbit Traps

When it comes to finding a rabbit trap for rabbit removal, it is important to choose a nonlethal device that is also safe and humane for rabbits and all other wildlife that might come by. Be sure to position the trap in an area of your property where you have seen rabbit activity. It is also suggested to camouflage the trap with some brush or twigs.

Baits to Use for Rabbit Trapping

There are certain types of baits that are more effective for specifically attracting rabbits into a rabbit trap. Apples work really well, as well as carrots, Brussels sprouts, and even lettuce. It also helps to spray a little apple cider vinegar inside of the trap, as this scent is known to attract rabbits.

Rabbit Relocation

Once you have successfully trapped a wild rabbit, safely transport it to a faraway, natural habitat, like a park or meadow near a pong or stream. You can also contact the local wildlife authorities to have trapped rabbits picked up and transported.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Rabbits:

► Rabbit Repellent
► Automatic Sprinkler Systems
► Sound Machines
► Professional Wildlife Abatement

Have you had just about enough of the nuisance rabbit problem around your property? Contact Modern Wildlife Control at 317-847-6409 for safe and effective animal trapping and removal services for rabbits and more. We serve residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis and all throughout Central Indiana.

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