Nuisance Animals to Watch Out for in Indiana

Nuisance wildlife interference and infestation is a common occurrence in both residential and commercial settings. Here in Indiana, all sorts of species are known to cause trouble for property owners. Continue reading to learn which species of wildlife are most common in our state, and what to do if you suspect that wild animals are invading your space.

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Common Indiana Wildlife That Can Become a Pest  

There are several wild animals that are native to the surrounding Indiana areas, from aquatic and marine life, to reptiles, mammals, and more. Among all the wildlife and marine life that exist here in our state, there are a handful that have proven to be quite the pest for property owners. Most of these animals are mammals that live in wooded or forested areas, and then use our homes and buildings for shelter in the colder seasons. The problem with nuisance wildlife interference and infestation is just as the term suggest: it’s a nuisance. Animals that invade our premises can cause a long list of damages, both interior and exterior.

Outside, nuisance wildlife can overturn and rummage through garbage, damage lawns and gardens in search of food, and even cause exterior structural damages to porches, gutters, roofs, windows, garages, sheds, and more. Furthermore, they can be a health risk to curious outdoor pets since many wild animals are known carriers of various infectious diseases, many of which can be fatal to both people and pets. These include Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Histoplasmosis, roundworm, mites, lice, and more.

Indoors, nuisance wildlife can pose many risks in terms of health, safety, and structural damage. Attics, walls, crawls spaces, garages, and decks are common areas where nuisance animals will invade and build nests. Within these areas, they can damage the surroundings with their droppings, as well as their behaviors, putting walls, ceilings, floorboards, insulation, and more, at risk. These damages can quickly add up in cost, and require invasive wildlife cleanup and restoration services.

Common Nuisance Wild Animals:

➻ Bats
➻ Raccoons
➻ Squirrels
➻ Chipmunks
➻ Skunks
➻ Birds
➻ Opossums
➻ Foxes
➻ Yard Moles
➻ Muskrats
➻ Beavers
➻ Rabbits
➻ Coyotes
➻ Groundhogs

How to Safely Manage a Nuisance Animal Problem

It is important to protect your property from nuisance wild animal interference by eliminating anything that will attract pests, such as food and water sources (i.e. garbage cans, bird baths, squirrel feeders, pet food, etc.). If you suspect that you are currently dealing with a nuisance animal problem, contact an Indianapolis wildlife control company for safe and humane assist you can trust.

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